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Salem’s Top Choice for Detailing Services

The devil is in the details. Detailing is an art. It takes time to develop the required skills. On average, our detail team members have over 4 years of experience specifically in the care of cars. They know there is a right and a wrong way to detail. They know it takes time to get it right. Most car detailer’s premium package requires 3 hours of detailing work. Ours requires 8 hours. And our processes are stringent, using the proper compounds, and only the finest glazes and the most premium of carnauba and synthetic car waxes and polishes to suit your particular vehicle.

For those who want the royalist of treatments or perhaps just have the loftiest imaginations, we can make your dreams come true – pin striping, monogramming, tinting windows, adding rain guards and bug deflectors. All are within Triton Wash’s domain.

Do you need an appointment?
Only the 14k full interior, 18k full exterior, and 24k full interior & exterior require appointments. All other details can be done without an appointment, while you wait.
What do you recommend if I am selling my car?
A clean car will always get you more money on your sale! We recommend the 14k service.
Are gift cards sold on site?
Yes, all locations sell gift cards on site. We offer a range of services and pricing plans to fit your needs. You can also order online!


Can you drop the car off the night before?
Absolutely! Just let the employee who makes your appointment know that you would like to do so.
How often should I protect my car?

All auto manufacturers recommend protecting your car at least twice a year.

Dent Removal

Nothing strikes pain in the heart of a car owner more than collateral damage to one’s castle. The car may glisten. It may have flash. But give it a dent and its pnasch is gone; its owner wounded. Triton has been fixing these ailments for over eight years now. Body shops can be expensive. Yet not all dents have to cost you an arm and a leg. Triton carefully massages out dents, and we know when a dent is a dent and when a dent is a major piece of bodywork.

Our experts have the knowledge and confidence to give you the sound advice you need. Who needs a wounded vehicle or the wounded mind that comes with it? Come to Triton Wash. You’ll leave feeling like royalty. And once again, your car will be your pride and joy.